Meet Boombot REX, a Portable Speaker You Can Wear

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On Tuesday, Boombotix started a Kickstarter campaign for a portal speaker it calls the Boombot REX. REX is a small, speaker that can connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop over Bluetooth. It’s biggest selling point is the fact that it can be clipped to your clothing and taken anywhere you go. When you decide to set REX down, it’ll still be capable of playing and controlling music tracks for up to 40ft away from the host device. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can still play music through REX via a line-in wired connection.

In addition to playing music, REX can also intercept your phone calls. It has a built-in microphone that’s located right above its speakers. You can press the play button to accept calls, say what you have to say and press it again to hang up. REX also includes Siri integration for iOS devices. We must say, that’s pretty convenient.

Boombotix promises six hours of battery life through its rechargeable battery. It can be charged via USB.

Even though the Kickstarter campaign has only been active for a day, Boombotix has received $17,607 of its $27,000 goal. Success is looking good at this point. Should the goal be met, REX will enter production on December 31. General shipments of REX are expected to begin in March of 2013.

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