Google Search Update Includes Boarding Pass Scanning, Barcode Scanning and More

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Google Search (more specifically Google Now) has been updated today with features that could be of great use to travelers, and the general population. One of the biggest new additions is Google Now’s ability to dig through Gmail to pull up your digital United Airlines boarding pass once you reach the airport. United is the only airline that’s supported right now, but Google says it will be adding more in the future. Google Now will also automatically fill you in on the weather conditions that are expected for your destination.

Some other new features were pulled right out of Google Shopper and the What’s This Song widget. Instead of dealing with those, you simply have to ask Google Now “What’s this song” or “scan a barcode” to perform those actions. Voice support has also been extended to Google+. You can now post updates to the social network using Google Now.

It’s a very welcome update. You can dig into all the new features if you have a device that runs Android 4.1 or higher.

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