This Entire Post Was Written With SwiftKey Flow

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This morning, SwiftKey released the smartphones and tablet beta versions of SwiftKey Flow. SwiftKey Flow is the company’s answer to Swype. The whole point of this keyboard is to be able to easily input text without constantly tapping on the screen. Furthermore SwiftKey has added a new feature called ‘Flow Through Space’ that lets you type full sentences without moving your finger off the screen. In order to really test this out, I decided to write this entire piece on a tablet using Flow Through Space.

Flow Through Space is without a doubt the biggest feature of this app. There are a lot of keyboards that use their own version of gesture typing, but none of them lets you make a continuous statement. This is the kind of thing that will make SwiftKey Flow stand out from the crowd. It’s too early to tell if Flow Through Space will be as widely praised as Swiftkey’s word predictions, but it certainly has potential.

Okay, that last paragraph took me longer to write than I would have liked. Flow Through Space is good, but it’s not there yet. I’ve found it to be a bit of a gamble to write extended sentences. If SwiftKeyFlow gets confused half way through, it’ll cancel the sentence altogether. Those last five words took me five tries to put together. I also learned SwiftKey Flow likes to mistake “cancel” for “camel”.

There are also some difficulties with SwiftKey Flow understanding the correct tense to use. General prediction issues are also prevalent in this release.

I’m not passing judgment because this is still a beta release. But if you are using this keyboard now, I recommend swiping out small groups of words instead of long sentences (or blog posts).

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