No HTC Titan 3 Coming Anytime Soon, Says Microsoft

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Though it still doesn’t look like worthy competition for Android and iOS, Windows Phone 8 is definitely a mobile platform to watch for in the following months. Nokia, Samsung and HTC have all revealed their intriguing first WP 8 handhelds, while Huawei has something enticing in store too.

Another Windows Phone 8 device has been subject to speculations recently, although it has now been proven it doesn’t exist. The HTC Titan 3 was mentioned by Microsoft itself in an Xbox Live Rewards survey, but now the company has backed out saying that the mention was nothing more than an innocent typo.

But should we buy that explanation? For the moment, yes, but on the long-haul, we can definitely see a third-gen Titan coming. It’s true, HTC already has two WP 8 phones around, but the 8S is a 4-incher and the 8X a 4.3-incher, so there’s definitely room for a larger device to join the duo.

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