Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Upgrade for Archos 101 XS Tablet

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Even though I told you more than once in the last few days that Jelly Bean updates are set to come right and left, I would have never imagined the Archos 101 XS was going to be in this wave of boosted up devices.

Still, the affordable 10-inch tablet is being treated to an Android 4.1 makeover as we speak and you can get the new software package in one of two ways – either you wait for the mountain to come to Mohammed (where the mountain is the upgrade and you are Mohammed) or you go to the mountain yourself (where the mountain is the downloads section of Archos’s website).

The exact version of the new firmware is Android 4.1.1 but besides the usual enhancements, performance bumps and new features Archos brings a couple of special treats too. There’s a major upgrade to Archos Video, while future tweaks of Archos apps are now set up to happen via Google Play.

Via [Archos]

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