4G iPad Mini Lands on EE UK, Starts at £49.99 with Two-Year Contract

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Apple’s iPad mini is tempting as it is but if you take the tablet’s already nice looks and snappy hardware and add in some 4G LTE speeds, you got yourself a truly irresistible combo.

To buy or not to buy, that’ll be the question for UK tech lovers starting today, as EE has put the 4G-enabled iPad mini up for grabs. The answer is pretty simple – if you can afford it, go for it. That’s right, only if you can afford it, because the 7.9-inch tab is anything but cheap.

Even with a subsidized flavor you’ll have to cough up £49.99, not to mention the minimum of 24 monthly installments of £35.99 EE will force you to pay until the end of your contract. And that’s for a 16 GB version of the iPad mini, whereas the 32 GB model starts at £99.99 and the 64 GB variant at £149.99.

In addition to the mini, EE also has the 4G iPad “with Retina Display” on sale for a while, starting at a whopping £149.99 with 2-year contracts.

Via [Tech Radar]

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