Leaked Documents Uncover GoSmart Mobile from T-Mobile

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T-Mobile may be losing a lot of contract customers every quarter, but it has increasingly gained more off-contract prepaid customers. The prepaid market has gotten a lot better over the years, and has become enticing enough to convince traditional contract customers to try a cheaper alternative. In a possible effort to extend its reach into the prepaid market, T-Mobile will supposedly launch a new service called GoSmart Mobile. The emergence of this new venture was uncovered on Wednesday by Tmo News.

From the looks of it, GoSmart Mobile looks like it’s going to be a competitor to the likes of Virgin Mobile and other prepaid services that are owned by major carriers.

The leaked documents list three plans that will offer unlimited talk, text and web. Starting at $30 a month, GoSmart Mobile users can get unlimited talk and text. For an extra $5, they’ll get access to unlimited web at 2G speeds. For $45 a month, GoSmart Mobile will increase the web speeds to 3G.

T-Mobile hasn’t made anything official yet, but perhaps some kind of announcement will be made today during Deutsche Telekom’s Capital Markets Day.

Image Credit: Tmo News

Source [Tmo News]

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