T-Mobile CEO on MetroPCS: “This Deal Will Close”

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T-Mobile USA CEO John J. Legere wrapped up his closing remarks at Deutsche Telekom Capital Markets day with a bold statement – “This deal will close.” Legere was referring to T-Mobile’s planned merger with MetroPCS. Legere told investors to disregard anything they’ve been reading that suggested the deal may get knocked off track. 

Legere also said the two companies are well into its plans to merge its technologies. His wording really made it seem as if T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS have moved beyond the point of no return. MetroPCS stands to boost T-Mobile’s upcoming 4G LTE footprint when it launches in 2013. With its help, T-Mobile expects to cover 100 million Americans in LTE coverage by mid-2013, and 200 million by the end of 2013.

One rumor in particular suggested Sprint would present a counter-offer for MetroPCS. Sprint is also in the process of selling the majority of the company to Japan’s Softbank.

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