T-Mobile Will Not Eliminate Classic and Prepaid Plans

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When T-Mobile USA revealed it will center the company around Value Plans in 2013, there were some concerns about what this means for current customers. Some Classic plan customers aren’t sold on the idea of fronting the cost of a non-subsidized phone for 20 months. Likewise, some prepaid customers are just fine with the plans they currently have. Well we’re here to tell you it’s not all gloom and doom. Classic and prepaid plans will not disappear from T-Mobile.

Tmo News obtained a FAQ that’s being distributed to T-Mobile employees that explains the most important announcements that were made today. The last question directly addresses what will happen to non-Value plan customers once the change hits.

Question: I am on a Classic plan. Will I have to change to a Value plan?

Answer: No. Value plans will simply be the primary plans T-Mobile will offer, in addition to our no contract plans. We will have more information to share in the coming months.

This is good news for those who aren’t sold on Value plans. Whether or not it actually saves customer’s money in the long run seems to vary from person to person.

Source [Tmo News]

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