YouTube Undergoes A Subscription-Focused Redesign

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The next time you visit YouTube, you’ll likely be greeted with an all new interface. The new YouTube design was rolled out on Thursday afternoon. Google’s objective this time around is to draw more attention to channels you may want to subscribe to. Google has done this by getting rid of clutter on the homepage and providing constant access to your personalized guide.

The guide is located on the left side of the website. It contains a list of your subscriptions, messages, playlists, social connects and more. In the past, the guide was only present on the main page. Now, the guide is accessible while you’re watching videos. There is also a “More From What to Watch” section that recommends videos to you based on your viewing history. You can scroll through the list of videos without moving away from what you’re already watching.

Google is making sure the guide follows you across all devices that have YouTube apps such as Google TV and the PlayStation 3. Like all YouTube updates, this one will grow on us until we don’t remember what the old version looked like.

Source [YouTube Blog]

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