Q-Thru Makes Your Smartphone a Cashier

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Start-up company QThru, has just released its mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to self-checkout their products while shopping. “Taking the in-store shopping experience to the next level,” QThru is capable of diminishing grocery store lines across the country. That’s a good thing for everybody, shoppers and retailers alike.

The app scans barcodes and adds each item to a ‘cart,’ not unlike web-shopping and the app even allows you to make a payment with a linked credit or debit card. It’ll also create a digital receipt after you’ve paid. It’s ‘Shopping List’ feature makes it easy to keep track of all the items you need before going to the store and you can check-off those than you acquire while shopping. So long, pen and paper.

Users can also save items on their ‘Favorites’ list to keep an ongoing tally of items that are essential. Perhaps the coolest feature is its ‘Digital Scale’ component, which “allows you to purchase produce or bulk items using a custom digital scale solution.”

The service was first launched in beta in May of 2012 but Wednesday marked the official launch of the app. Although it may take sometime to catch on, this could be the future of ‘reality-shopping’ (as opposed to the ever-increasing web-shopping experience). I’m pleased to see a start-up company creating such a monumental opportunity for themselves and I wish the folks at QThru the best of luck with their developments.

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