Winbot is a Window Cleaning Machine

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Seriously, its a machine that cleans your windows. Hands-free design, in the vein of the carpet-vac Roomba, Winbot affixes itself to your window and propels itself forward, cleaning whatever scuffs, dust, fingerprints, debris, etc. that is in its path. Compared to other window cleaning techniques, Winbot sweeps the competition. (I’m sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Ecovacs has set out to create the most user-friendly and easiest way to clean windows. With Winbot, I think they’ve done just that. Their advertisement features a cute tag: “Clings like a gecko; cleans like a champion.”

Using reusable cleaning pads and a cleaning solution, the Winbot suctions itself to the window as a light turns on. First, the device measures the best method of cleaning and then begins a zig zag pattern, covering every inch of the window. The rear of the Winbot features a squeegee, which after the pads have moistened the glass, cleans the surface before a dry pad absorbs any residual cleaning solution. When finished, the machine sets off an air release trigger to disengage Winbot from the glass surface.

The fantastic hands-free window cleaner will debut at the 2013 CES in January — the same event where Ecovacs presented the beta version last year. I’m lucky enough (and extremely psyched) to attend this upcoming CES in Las Vegas, so you can expect a full product review at that time.

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    The cleaner seems a neat and clean technology. Glad to have this in the World of Garbage’s. Waiting for the launch…Hope the New Year will add more clean feathers…

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