Hi5 Powerbank Case for iPhone

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Get this — a sturdy, lightweight plastic casing for iPhone 5 plus an on-board aluminum battery that can be used to power up your other USB-enabled devices. Think, devise an idea of what that would appear like in your mind and — boom! the iBattz Hi5 Powerbank.

That’s right, the Hi5 Powerbank is a cell phone case unlike any other. Inside a top-grade aluminum solid-state casing that attaches easily to iPhone 5, there is a power bank which features a built-in 2500 mAh rechargeable aluminum battery.

On the side of the casing is a USB port to plug any other gadget into, making your iPhone case a battery charging station. When not adding extra juice to separate units, the Hi5 Powerbank gives additional charge to your phone, doubling the amount of talk time. This is ideal for (god forbid) emergencies like extensive gossiping with a long-distance buddy or actual emergencies.

The product drops on Saturday, December 8th and retails for $79.90 from the company webstore. Don’t ever get caught again with a dead cell phone and no power outlets. We all know that feeling…

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