My Experience with Near Field Communication

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Near Field Communication is touted as one of the newest smartphone features. It actually isn’t very new.  NFC was a technology developed and nurtured for smartphone usage in the early 2000’s by the NFC Forum, headed by mobile phone innovators Nokia, Sony, and Philips.  Its purpose is to transmit data between smartphones and other devices.  NFC hasn’t come into its own in the US, but it is becoming increasingly popular among Android users.

I was excited to get my Galaxy Nexus for a variety reasons.  NFC was at the top of my list.  Years ago I saw clips of people overseas using their phones to purchase everything from rail tickets to groceries.  Call it geek envy, but I’ve wanted the same technology ever since.  Google Wallet allows Android users to use the NFC chip in their phone to make purchases with a connected credit card.

I used Google Wallet for the first time at Rite Aid.  The notoriously grumpy cashier asked me how I would like to pay for my goods.  I pulled my phone out and hovered it over the Paypass terminal. My phone emitted a chime and the transaction was completed.  The cashier smiled and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!” I was just as shocked about the smile as he was about the technology.

I also use NFC in New York’s taxi cabs. This makes paying for a cab quick and simple. It also doesn’t require me to take out my wallet. Sure, my phone is as much of a theft risk but I digress…

I find NFC simplifies the shopping experience. I rarely pay with a physical credit card anymore.   What are your thoughts on the technology? Do you use NFC for payments or with NFC tags?

For more about NFC, check out the [NFC Forum]

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  • Vicki

    I’ve been using the Octopus card in Hong Kong for over 2 years now and love the ease of use. They have produced a iphone sleeve that has the card built in and an NFC sticker was being talked about too. My colleague Terry just wrote a blog about the Octopus card which talks about some of the other ways the card is used here.