New Paragon Hard Disk Manager Tackles Windows 8 Booting Problems

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Paragon Software Group (PSG) has been in the data backup game for a while, providing safe solutions for insuring files on personal computer systems and  professional networks alike. They just announced an update in their Hard Disk Manager Suite softwares, their complete solution for maintaining a ‘healthy’ hard drive. More than just a back-up service, Paragon Hard Disk provides numerous means of up-keep for your personal computer system.

As advertised, the software’s UEFI support will prevent booting issues when starting up the new Windows 8 OS, a typical problem you may run into. It is aimed at taking care of problems that may also arise during data migration or restoration from a old to a new hard disk due to change in port connection. This feature can also allow you to manage many operating systems on one hard disk.

Its partition abilities allow you to divide, create and customize new partitions, re-size or merge partitions and create a steady workflow for your system to run optimally. It may not seem like a crucial factor but we all know that feeling you get when your computer appears to start aging and performing sluggishly. Partitioning your hard drive lessens the work load for your processor by limiting files that need not to be running at any given time. Though when you need them, they’re easily accessible for you.

Most importantly, Paragon’s backup system is an easy way to duplicate the files already on your drive, also transferring or restoring data is done in a snap. Choose the exact files that need to be backed-up. It could be everything on the drive or just your e-mails, documents or media files — its so easy to pinpoint what needs it and what doesn’t. You can also schedule back-ups to continuously maintain those folders that need it the most.

In any event that would leave you using a new computer or an updated operation system, Paragon’s migration software will quickly and efficiently move any or all your data from the original system to a new one.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager also includes complete defragmentation software that can rearrange your files to increase your computer’s speed and space. Alternatively, it’s ‘wipe’ function will erase everything on your hard drive, in an event that you wanted to sell or junk your computer without any of your data still left on it.

Paragon understands that this hard drive system maintenance is not common knowledge to the majority of average computer users, so they’ve created multiple ways to access help using the software. Call the company direct, e-mail your query or chat on the company’s website with a help-desk representative. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Paragon’s support forum will connect you with other users who may have ran into similar problems and can assist you in yours.

A professional version of the software is also available, which performs on larger-scale systems for $99.95 through Paragon’s website. A free 30-day trial is available now for only the Suite package and is available as a download, currently going for $49.95.

This is a tried-and-trusted company with a sound reputation. Get on board with Paragon Hard Disk Manager softwares and give ‘the boot’ to Windows 8 booting issues today.

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