New Rumor: LG Optimus G2 To Come with 5.5-inch 1080p Display

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There’s a long way from rumor to reality in Android land, where “leaked” smartphones can take six, nine months or even a full year to get official releases. That’s unfortunately the case of LG’s Optimus G2, a phone we’ve already heard a couple of things about, but that should hit the market in April 2013 at the earliest.

The latest rumor about the G2 doesn’t say things exactly that way, but it does state the device is coming “before June 2013”. Another detail this new set of speculations sheds light on is the screen’s diagonal size, which has been bumped from 5 inches to 5.5.

Portability will definitely not be this big guy’s strongest point, but thankfully it’ll compensate in other departments. The CPU, for instance, is thought to be a yet to be released quad-core Snapdragon S4 “Prime” clocked at 2 GHz, while Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (also unreleased) is expected to be the on-board OS. Other rumored specs include 1080p resolution for that ginormous panel, a 13 MP camera and third-generation LTE. Now that’s what we like to call top-tier features!

Via [Phone Arena] and [Tech Kiddy]

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