Would You Pay $15.99 for an Android Launcher?

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Last week, we did a little preview on Action Launcher. Action Launcher is one of the newest homescreen replacement apps for Android that promotes functionality over flair. Fast forward to today and we’re presented with Next Launcher that does the complete opposite. Next Launcher was developed by GO Launcher Dev Team.

The team’s latest project is now available in Google Play for $15.99. That makes this Next Launcher one of the most expensive apps of its kind.

You may be wondering what on Earth makes this launcher worth that much money. Well, it does have a lot of flair. The introduction video to Next Launcher shows a lot of lights, 3D effects and swiping gestures. Specific features from the Google Play description cite “unlimited screen layout, rotatable dock, fancy 3D widgets and stereoscopic screen preview” to name a few.

Despite its high price, those who have reviewed the app in Google Play have said mostly positive things about it. Perhaps $15.99 will only be the introductory price to get some money rolling in before ultimately lowering the price to something more reasonable. Chameleon Launcher used to be $10 before it dropped to $4 not too long ago.

Google Play Link [Next Launcher]

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