Deal Alert: Best Buy Has Apple’s iPhone 5 Starting at $150, iPhone 4S Goes for $50 and Up

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You probably didn’t expect this so soon after Black Friday and yet so far from Christmas, but Apple’s iPhone 5 and 4S have just been discounted again. The special offers don’t come straight from Apple this time, but Best Buy, one of Apple’s most popular US retailers.

BB has deals for on-contract iPhones, and, while the discounts are definitely not massive, we have to appreciate the fact that they’re not discriminative of internal memory, color or carrier. That means any 4S or 5 you’re going to get from now through January 5 2013 with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint’s names on them will be $50 cheaper than before.

You might have some trouble getting Best Buy to ship the iPhones very quickly to your homes, so arm yourselves with a lot of patience or try out your local brick and mortar store too. Now, for the most important part, the breakdown of the new prices:

iPhone 5 – $149.99 with 16 GB of storage; $249.99 with 32 GB; $349.99 with 64 GB

iPhone 4S – $49.99 (16 GB version); $149.99 with 32 GB of memory; $199.99 with 64 GB

Via [The Verge]

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