GoSmart Mobile From T-Mobile Launches With $30 Monthly Plans

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Last week, leaked documents uncovered T-Mobile’s new contract-free mobile phone service called GoSmart Mobile. As previously reported, GoSmart Mobile’s plans start at $30 a month for unlimited talk and text, and can go up to $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and unlimited web.

There is some fine print to be aware of those. The $45 plan’s unlimited data option includes 5GB of data at 3G speeds. If you go over that allocation, your data speeds will be reduced to 2G for the rest of the monthly cycle. There’s also a $35 monthly plan that offers the same thing, but data speeds are slower than the $45 plan.

GoSmart Mobile customers are required to purchase a GoSmart SIM Kit for $8 in order for their phone to work on the network. Any phone that’s unlocked and accepts full-size SIM cards is compatible. The only phone GoSmart Mobile sells is the Alcatel OT 838 for $69. It’s a basic feature phone with a dedicated Facebook button.

GoSmart Mobile’s network coverage is pretty much identical to T-Mobile USA’s.

Source [GoSmart Mobile]

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  • Curry

    The absolute WORST customer service EVER! I have never had so much difficulty dealing with a company…in all my 33 years. If this is the way T-Mobile (GoSmart’s parent company) is now doing business, we are more than willing to pay more money for AT&T.

    If you want to keep your number (port your number over to them), GOOD LUCK! They’ve basically locked our number in limbo– they can’t release/cancel it, nor can they activate it. We have been working on it for WEEKS… absolutely deplorable customer service!