Sand Studio is Looking For AirDroid 2 Beta Testers

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AirDroid is one of the best Android apps out there. There are few better ways to remotely access your Android device wirelessly on a computer. Since its release, AirDroid has been installed over 5 million times from Google Play. It also has over 71,000 five-star user reviews. The best part? It’s totally free. The better part? It’s getting a successor. Sand Studio, the developer of AirDroid, is looking for beta testers for AirDroid 2.

To qualify for the beta, you have to fill out an application form on the AirDroid website. You’ll have to enter your region, device name, the version of Android it’s running, your email address and provide a couple statements regarding your usage of AirDroid. Only Google Chrome users can fill out the application form.

The main difference between AirDroid and AirDroid 2 is the connectivity options. AirDroid 2 will let you access your Android device on any network at any time. This means you can pull files off your device even if you leave it 1,000 miles away from where you are.

Source [AirDroid]

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