WTF? Custom Pair of Jeans for Your iPhone

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In the world of modern gadgetry, accessories of all kinds tend to surface all the time. As consumers, we decide which fit best into our lifestyles, sifting through the products pragmatically built and those that developers tend to create all ‘willy-nilly.’ (See: iHome Boombox, the iTampon, iPhone TV Hat, et. al.)

In our experience, we see this trend most apparently in the iPhone/iPad market. Some products are real ‘head scratchers’ as in upon review, me asking myself who would benefit from such an item and how. It can get tricky. Reading through the press release for the WTFJeans V2 (Re)launch, instinctively, I must admit, I felt the very same sentiment (“WTF?”)

But alas, your humble tech-blogger is no fashionista and I realize its hard to take style advice from someone whose wardrobe is majorly secondhand. Luckily there are fashion sensibilities of all subcultures out there and I feel its actually refreshing to see the ‘nerdy-chic’ style finally represented.

Akin to its brethren, iClothing, start-up WTFJeans has created a pair of jeans (a damn good-looking pair, I’ll add) specially designed to slip your iPhone 5 device in and out of the front pocket. Comfortable, classy and convenient; what more could a sophisticated iPhone dependent ask for?

Created with heavy-duty threads (60% polyester, 40% cotton), WTFJeans are treated with an enzyme wash to complete a smooth and comfy fit. The WTFPocket is lined with “exceptionally soft microfiber,” which based on studies, cleans on the nano-scale and reduces bacteria by 99%. Basically, each time you check your phone and put it back into its designated front pocket, it receives an in-pocket shine. Although the biggest selling point for these playful tech-minded dungarees, its not the only one.

At first glance, the front pockets look almost jarring like the back pockets, creating a Kriss Kross vibe. Regardless, these pants are about practicality more so than being high-fashion — and thats a good thing in our book.

WTFJeans are also equipped with a hidden USB flash drive pocket, stashed next to your iPhone. Although these devices are being phased out on the consumer level with the advent of cloud technology, the folks at WTFJeans are ‘tech purists’ and decided to keep the feature included to appease all who rock a pair.

Their V1 edition, released back in March 2010 was limited to 1,000 pairs, where the first 100 were labeled as BETA. After mishaps including improper funding and PayPal issues, the company was forced into a hiatus, where their overalls prototype that featured a center iPad pocket never saw the light of day. Bouncing back in a big way with WTFJeans V2, the young company hopes to reach their niche market and continue the iJeans revolution.

With a slogan like “WTFJeans / Wear Them FTW” (urban dictionary search acronym if unclear), there is a charming element of sarcasm involved with the product. Designed and manufactured in Europe, and listed as of today for $159 on the company website with free shipping, be sure to check these out while they’re still available, even just for curiosity’s sake.

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