Lumawake Smart Dock is Raising Funds Sans Kickstarter

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Lumawake is a smart docking station for iPhone — the first of its kind, as far as we at GadgeTell have seen. And the smartest aspect of waking up with Lumawake is it’s ability to simulate sunrise, a quite natural way to get up in the morning (sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?)

Created by a team of San Diego-based engineers and designers, the Lumawake project could not raise money through the popular fund-raising network site, Kickstarter. So in response, the team decided to collect funds for the cause in their own way, via the company’s website. This actually resulted in an appealing perk that Kickstarter could not have offered: not having to charge backers until the product is ready to ship.

With that model, the company has already raised close to $90,000, of their $150,000 goal. However, time is running out for Lumawake. The project will have only ten days left to reach their said goal, as of Monday, the 10th of December.

Lumawake has capability of sensing when your sleeping pattern has exited the REM phase and has entered light sleep; they call it ‘sleep hacking.’ In this phase, the device begins to slowly illuminate soft light, mimicking a sunrise. But this borderline-eerie feature is just the tip of a connectivity iceberg.

Its ‘Smart Home Connectivity’ enables it to sense when you fall asleep and it will turn off any lights or television that you may have left on. It can even be scheduled to drip coffee and turn on the morning news when it senses you have woken up. It appears to be more of a ‘smart-device’ central station, providing you to synchronize Lumawake with various other Wi-Fi capable devices in your home.

Lumawake sets out to best fit into your lifestyle. Even customize the color of it’s interior LEDs. These will sense you approaching and light up, guiding your iPhone to its comfortable dock zone. Overall, it is a neat little device that may not suit everyone’s needs but there is most definitely a market for it. Coming from someone who is most definitely not a morning person, I find its $149 reserve fee tempting if it really does makes waking up easier.

Find out more about Lumawake in the press video below:

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