Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Goes Live on Google Play, Gets Pulled Soon After Due to Errors

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Whether you call it “diversity” or “fragmentation”, the fact is Android has a problem – there are too many versions of one OS spread across a wide number of devices and that gives app developers a ton of work and plenty of headaches.

The most recent Android game release to turn into a real mess has happened just hours ago. Gameloft made the much awaited Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour available in Google Play, but soon after it had to pull the game from the store.

What happened? Well, we don’t have any official word on the matter yet, but it’s safe to assume that Gameloft cracked under the pressures of disgruntled Android gamers. While some managed to download, install and play MC4 with no apparent problem, a whole lot of folks ran into a mysterious “error 941” that simply didn’t allow the installing of the game on certain devices.

The kicker is that the glitch didn’t happen on a number of specific devices, but rather popped up based on mood across many gadgets. Meanwhile, the latest Modern Combat title is available for a while on iOS and is doing just fine there. Talk about a messed up situation!

Via [PhAndroid]

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