From Farm to Table With Farmigo in Between

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Growing up in a family involved with urban gardening, I’ve was ‘spoiled’ with deliciously fresh vegetables for dinner almost every night. To this day, the produce bought at the local grocery store provides more nostalgia than tastiness and leaves me guessing whether the nutrition I expect to be eating is actually inside these foods. To me, nothing compares to my mom’s garden and especially now, as an inner city-dweller I ask, is it possible to turn my nostalgia to reality? Thankfully, says yes.

The recent start-up Farmigo is an excellent website that has set out to answer my herbivor-ic prayers. They’ve created a resource that connects consumers with local farmers by cutting out the middle man, i.e., grocery stores. The traditional model leaves farmers seeing about 20 cents on each dollar spent on produce in the grocery store; Farmigo’s model triples the farmer’s profit on average, at 80 cents on the dollar. So not only are these commercial-pesticide-free and oil-based-ferilizer-free fruits and vegetables better for us, this is a system that works better for the farmers, our natural source.

With ‘eat local’ campaigns on the rise, it seems to be a hot topic as of late. In fact, founder of Farmigo, Benzi Ronen says that the local food market is more, well, ‘fruitful’ than the organic market, noting that people feel good supporting farmers in their community. His service provides users with “seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs, meats, fish, bread, cheeses and even wine and coffee.”
Currently, ‘loca-vores’ in San Francisco and New York are enjoying produce delivered from neighboring farms within 48 hours of harvest time, though the company is working on branching out to other cities across the country. You can request Farmigo to come to your hometown via their website. You know I just did.

CNNMoney did a great spot on the Farmigo enterprise, watch it below:

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