Dr. Dre and NIN Collab on New Music Streaming Service

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Last week we posted about Metallica signing on to Spotify, the leading music-streaming web app. Well, on Tuesday news broke about a competitor to Spotify in the works. And the team working on the project may surprise you.

Trent Reznor, whose brainchild is the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails (or NIN) is collaborating with West Coast rap royalty Dr. Dre on the new service, reportedly called “Daisy.” The duo are setting out to create a music-streaming experience with a more personalized quality than what Spotify offers, utilizing human recommendations as a higher priority than computer-generated suggestions.

Reznor is seeking to bring the typical record store guy to your computer, noting that “what’s missing is a service that adds a layer of intelligent curation.” Daisy will combine computer algorithms with comprised data from music experts and connoisseurs that can teach you things about your music tastes that you may have yet to uncover.

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