Samsung Galaxy Camera Comes to Verizon with a $549 Price Tag

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So that FCC filing for the Samsung Galaxy Camera we reported not so long ago is true after all. Verizon Wireless just announced that 4G LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy Camera will be available online from Verizon starting December 13. Said camera will cost you $549 and will be available in two colors – Cobalt Black and White.

As a review, the Samsung Galaxy Camera runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 4G LTE, 4.8-inch HD Super Class LCD touch screen, 16MP lens with 21x optical zoom, and optical image stabilization. Of course the best part here is the fact that getting the Samsung Galaxy Camera will earn you the bragging rights of owning the world’s first 4G LTE camera.

The said camera suits you well if you’re fond of taking photos while on the go using your camera phone. Because after all, no matter how good camera phones are, there’s still no way to beat a real point-and-shoot camera for their added features and functionality.

So, are you getting the Samsung Galaxy Camera or are you already contented with what you have on your smartphone?

Via [Verizon Wireless]

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