Facebook Highlights Your 2012 for You

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Boy, did I have a pretty uneventful year. Facebook’s new feature, a complementary ‘2012 Year in Review’ told me so. Of the 20 biggest moments that it gathers from your timeline, my ‘liking’ Carl Sagan and R-n-B artist Terius Nash seem to be my most exciting. Oh, and a sweet black and white pic that my sister took of me in downtown Philly (see my Twitter.)

The service chronicles the ‘top’ events, seemingly based on the criteria of the how impactful the occurrence was on your actual life (i.e., ‘Matthew got engaged,’ I didn’t; or, ‘Matthew changed locations,’ again, no,) followed by your posts that garnered the most attention from your friends and general popular trending stories on the internet that you were involved with.

Facebook posted a bit about the new project and with it, their top ten lists of the ‘top trending topics of 2012′  categories including events, songs, movies, books, sports, and television. The results may be surprising (probably not.)

What were your Facebook persona’s top 20 highlights of 2012?

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