Sitar Virtuoso Ravi Shankar Dies Tuesday, 92

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Ravi Shankar, born Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury, world-reknown and celebrated Indian sitar player died on Tuesday, December 11th in a hospital near his home in Encinitas, California. The cause of death is still unavailable.

Shankar is best known in the Western world as the mainstream introduction and cultural icon of traditional Indian music. Through his career, collaborating with American musical greats as jazz saxaphone-maestro John Coltrane (who named one of his sons Ravi,) modern classical composer Philip Glass and most notably, Beatles guitarist George Harrison, Shankar influenced a push of Western music to an esoteric and untapped level of modal expertise.

The musical ambassador and world peace advocate will be remembered by his daughter, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Norah Jones, his daughter and sitar-heir Anoushka Shankar and wife, Sukanya Rajan. His son, Shubhendra Shankar passed away in 1992.

Although this article lacks a technological leg, as we call it, Shankar deserves every bit of respect paid to him. He will remain as a relic in time and continue to inspire generations to come, as he has so greatly for your humble tech-blogger.

“Thank you, if you appreciate the tuning so much, I hope you will enjoy the playing more,” said Shankar at the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh headlined by Harrison and himself. Said the musical genius to a crowd of cheering Americans after he and his ensemble finished preparing for a truly memorable performance, it is one of my favorite quotes of his.

May peace be with you, Pandit.

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