Google Currents for Android gets a big redesign

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Google has been updated more than a few of its apps and services lately. First was YouTube, then Google News and now we’re at Google Currents. Google Currents has gotten a fairly significant upgrade. In some respects, it reminds me of the YouTube and Google+ apps in some ways.

Google Currents now features a YouTube-like sidebar that houses all your subscriptions and feeds. You can customize the items in the sidebar to display in whatever order you like.

There’s also an increased emphasis on horizontal and vertical scrolling. If you scroll vertically, you can see all the headlines of the content that’s created by a single publication. The shape of the rectangles in somewhat reminiscent of Google+. Horizontally scrolling will move between the different publications you’re subscribed to. You can always tap the upper left corner of the screen to bring back the subscriptions overlay.

Overall, I really like this update. I just may use Google Currents more often.

Source [Official Android Blog]

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