Logitech Launches New Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad for Mac

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Logitech Wireless Keyboard for Mac, hi-res.

Logitech, a trusted name in computer accessories announces the release of two more convenient accessories for your Apple smart devices. Their Bluetooth-enabled Easy-Switch wireless keyboard and wireless Rechargeable Trackpad are new solutions to make the most of your iPhone, iPad and Apple computer, or concerning the keyboard, all three simultaneously.

Using Logitech’s Easy-Switch technology, their new wireless keyboard can switch from typing on your computer to your iPhone or iPad and back, with the touch of a button. This makes for complete control over all your devices just by lifting a finger. Go ahead, type that e-mail on your iMac and midway, check the Manchester United score on your iPad or reply to that text on your iPhone. This feature has usefulness written all over it. Productivity, here at the Technology Tell Network, we love productivity.

This keyboard sheds some light on typing in the dark as well. It’s back-lit illumination makes each key easy to see, perfect for streaming Netflix movies in the right setting or sending e-mails while under the covers in bed. It stays off to preserve battery life, activating itself using proximity and brightness detection, sensing that the lights are out and the moment when you reach for it to begin typing.

All your typical Mac-specific keys are included, of course. It’s equipped with the command key, brightness control, the Mission Control button and more. Typing on the Easy-Switch is super quiet and with no discernible delay time. Recharge it with the included USB cord and you’ll get about 20 hours of type-time.

Logitech Wireless Trackpad for Mac, hi-res.

Click, scroll, swipe, zoom and do the rest of those cool Apple trackpad (and new Mighty Mouse) multi-touch features with Logitech’s new Rechargable Trackpad for Mac. Similar to the aforementioned keyboard, this trackpad was created specifically with your Mac products in mind.

The smooth glass surface is stylish, ergonomic and practical, featuring an On/Off switch and an indicator light to help you track the remaining battery power. Don’t worry too much about that though — on a full charge, you can expect about a month’s worth of average track-padding usage.

At under a half-pound, its more than travel-sized and will nicely accompany any traveling workspace, in addition to fitting right into your home or business office.

For more information on Logitech’s new Mac keyboard, click here and their new Mac trackpad, here.

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