GoSmart Makes Writing on iPads like Pen and Paper

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GoSmart Inc. may have created the smoothest and most life-like stylus for use with a tablet in the market; definitely trumps anything we’ve seen here at GadgeTell. In terms of clean lines that you’ve intended to make and reducing hyper-tense moments of going over impressions with the ‘erase’ function, the GoSmart 300 and 200 series feel as raw and unadulterated as marking paper with a pen.

Both their 300 (rocket-shape style) and 200 (classic pen style) series come in their regular models and their ‘Freedom’ models; the former designed specifically for iPad and the latter being ‘free’ of internal magnets, for use with non-Apple tablets. You can bet that the classic pen version comes with a clip for you pocket, just like the real thing.

The intentional shape of the rocket-style stylus allows it to stand-up on its own and prevents it from rolling off of your work surface. Both series pens are currently available in black, blue, red and white color options.

The trick to these things is their unique patent-pending capacitive wire tip. It’s springy and see-thru, providing superior physical responsiveness and absolute clarity during writing or drawing on your tablet. So long, fat tip styli. In the battle of bulk, we’ve found a clear winner.

For pricing and further details about the GoSmart stylus product line, visit them over at Become that graphic artist, that novelist, that blogger or even that accountant and more; just leave the pen and paper at home.

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