Half-Priced Today Only! New Turnplay App Brings Back the Old-School

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Released today, December 13th, the Turnplay App for iPad is the coolest vinyl simulator we’ve ever fooled-around with. As an honest and well-executed homage to analog music, it’s pinpoint design sucks you in and takes you right back to that golden era of wax and needles.

Flick the player on, the light glows; activate the turn table and another light turns on. Choose your record and push up your ‘pitch’ slider, all like the real thing. The spin button makes the lifelike ‘click’ sound when pressed and you can see the record start to rotate. Manually lifting the arm and reaching it over onto the vinyl presents that oh-so-sweet, warming fuzz tone.  (Hisss.)

The player functions are extremely responsive, its almost creepy. Sliding the pitch-bar down and your Frank Sinatra record may be a bit more black-metal sounding or your punk rock albums may fit better in your adult contemporary section.

Turnplay turns your iTunes collection into e-vinyl. Your album covers will appear as bold and magical as cardboard sleeves and the app puts the art work on the center ribbon while it spins. While playing a tune, peruse your library and compile a playlist to keep the party going. Just keep in mind, as all DJs must, to choose wisely.

Seamlessly, it all happens just as it should; really impressive. And once I got over its gorgeous appearance, designed for maximum clarity on iPad’s beautiful retina display, I was scratching my favorite jazz mp3s like Rza in front of a crowd of 30,000 fans. Come to think of it, this is an excellent party app. So next time you have people over, plug your pad into some speakers and spin it around the group. Let your friends scratch and mix, spotlight some tracks and feel good — plus no worrying about scratching your records.

To celebrate the launch of Turnplay, creators Ramotion are offering out the one-day 50% off price of just 99 cents! It is available now from the iTunes store and can be further read about here( Cash-in now on the special offer and find out why we think that Turnplay is the most realistic and entertaining record-player app for any tablet.

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