Nexus 4 Goes on Sale from Three UK, Only with 24-Month Contract For Now

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Though the Nexus 4 technically started selling a month ago, there are probably still a lot of folks out there who’ve yet to get their grubby hands on the “pure Google phone”. And no wonder, as the limited supply has forced a number of retailers to run out of stock in record time – and some more than once.

If you’re a British resident and don’t mind signing up to a 24-month contract with carrier Three, there is a new way to procure yourself a precious Nexus 4 starting today. Yeah, you guessed it, Three UK is finally selling the handheld directly on its website and in brick and mortar stores.

The catches are – besides the mandatory contract – that you’ll have to go for a certain “One Plan” costing £35 a month and that you need to hurry. We don’t know exactly how many devices Three has left in stock, but in just an hour or so the estimated delivery date has been moved from December 14 to 17, meaning the Nexus 4 is selling like hotcakes.

Via [Android Central]

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