Viddy App Comes to Android

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Previously only supported by Apple devices, the mini-movie publishing app has finally come to Android phones. Reaching the ‘most downloaded app’ status at the Apple app store, unique visitors have declined in the recent months. Speculations are saying this could be reason for opening the market to Droid users.

Discussed as the video counterpart to Instragram, Viddy allows users to upload 15-second clips filmed on their phones straight to the web via social media outlets or a stream of submitted clips on Viddy’s main page. These clips serve more as ‘video snap shots,’ then proper movies (short movies, I suppose) and it is a trend sweeping Smartphone users nationwide.

Celebrities too have gotten involved with the mini-film craze. From just a quick glance at Viddy’s ‘popular’ page on Thursday, we see posts from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Bill Cosby and Dropkick Murphys; and the list continues and becomes more eclectic.

Users or ‘Viddyographers’ as the company calls them are able to add video effects to their scenes and soundtrack it with their favorite music to fully complete their vision. This is a great move for the app, unlocking the breadth of Smart device users who aren’t iPhone people. Its a wonderful tool, unlocking the (mini) movie maker in all of us.

Here’s my personal favorite:

Android users, get Viddy from the Google Play store now!

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