SwingSmart Mac App Will Enhance Your Golf Game

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A new device called SwingSmart is a golfing instructor app available for iPad and iPhone. Using Bluetooth technology, the device clips onto your golf club and tracks your movement, providing tips to better your technique.

Swing your club with the app open and instantly receive constructive feedback. The app analyzes your shot based on four key components: tempo, swing speed, angle of attack and face angle. Tracking the entire motion and appearing it on screen in a full 360 degree 3D graphic, you’re able to see ‘yourself’ on screen at any angle. This is an ideal resource for all golfers at any skill level.

The program will also help improve your putting skills with ‘Putting mode.’
Golf legend, Peter Kostis endorses the product and helped a great deal in designing the swing analyzer. He had to say the following about SmartSwing, “I’ve worked with thousands of players over the years and SwingSmart is far and away the best tool for quickly and easily showing students exactly what they are doing during their swing.”

Entering the golfing scene as a dominant instruction resource, its already been rated ‘Best App for Instant Feedback’ last month from Golf Magazine, among garnering attention from many other golfing publications.

“The beauty of this system is that golfers can use it on their own time to practice anywhere, or it can be paired with traditional instruction so users can bounce questions and ideas off their club pro,” Kostis concluded.

For that person in your life who would rather be on the course, check out SwingSmart.

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