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Stockholm-based industrial design company People People has got style, sound style. Through their Kickstarter page, the group is currently working towards production of their transparent speaker box, a design unique to anything we’ve ever seen — classy, simple and beautiful.

A tempered glass enclosure with aluminum edges seals dual 3-inch full-range drivers, a 6.5-inch subwoofer and the condensed pre-amp circuits. With only red and white leads connecting the speakers to the power source, you can literally see the relationship between each component.

Providing only what is needed, there are knobs to adjust the bass, treble and volume levels. Wirelessly connect your Blue-tooth enabled device and stream your favorite music in no time. The pre-amp module has an open slot for sliding in an Apple Airport Express unit, enabling WiFi connectivity to Apple’s AirPlay. There are also two 3.5mm auxiliary inputs available for non-wireless music devices.

We Americans relate to this Scandinavian aesthetic as ‘simplistic’ by our standards (think Ikea furniture or H&M fashions) where unnecessary factors are omitted during the design phase and the engineer promotes functionality over form. In this case, it’s more than likely impossible that this speaker couldn’t fit into your home decor, regardless of personal style.

Expanding on a forward-thinking tip, the company consciously chose recycled materials to construct their speaker. Coupled with it’s modular design, parts will remain affordable and replaceable. Isn’t that the opposite of ‘planned obsolescence?’ It feels weird but we can all get behind that.

Find more information about pre-ordering the incredible transparent speaker (pre-assembled or prepped for home-assembly at a cheaper rate) and supporting this promising young company’s cause, at their online company blog.

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