DPA d:facto Vocal Mic Makes Singing Easy (For People Who Can Sing)

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Dutch singer Margot Giselle using DPA d:facto vocal microphone.

Danish Professional Audio (DPA) microphone company announces the release of their new d:facto model for vocal performance. Dutch singer, Margot Giselle is promoting the product, excitedly declaring how her voice sounds unfiltered, unadulterated and absolutely clear and as true to being un-amplified as she’s ever experienced when using the d:facto microphone.

“For the first time ever, I can hear my voice as it really sounds because the microphone only amplifies the sound — it doesn’t change my voice in any way,” said the singer and vocal coach who performs frequently in acoustic ensembles. “It is bright, clear and warm. And, by allowing me to create all the vocal colors I want, the DPA d:facto microphone makes singing really easy.”

This is great news for singers who can actually hit notes. This is not the microphone to use with your punk rock band, where vocal distortion can usually augment the quality of sound. It’s clarity will likely present a non-singer’s voice as it naturally exists, off-key and dissonant. For singers, MCs, radio hosts and other people who depend on vocal clarity however, the d:facto could be the perfect microphone.

DPA produces high quality condenser microphones and microphone solutions for professionals. Their products can be found in recording studios, theatres, sound reinforcement environments and in other professional audio settings.

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