AT&T Rolling Out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Motorola Atrix HD

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Android 4.1 updates might have not gotten the greatest of starts, but during the past few weeks the JB upgrading pace has become quite hectic. It’s hard to keep track of all the devices treated with smooth butter, but the latest to join in the fun is AT&T and Motorola’s Atrix HD.

According to a post on AT&T’s blog, the new software pack should be quietly awaiting for you in “Software Updates”, so don’t be afraid to dive in your “Settings” menu and then hit “About Phone”. If you’re not seeing anything new there, you might still be on the waiting list, but fret not, as these kinds of things can sometimes take a while to reach all users.

Google Now is just one of the new awesome features you’re going to get on your phones, not to mention the all-around speed bumps and performance improvements. There should be a couple of Motorola special treats in there too, like Drive Smart or Quick Settings. All in all, you have no reason to be afraid to take the leap from ICS to JB, but you do have every reason to love your Atrix HD more than ever. Enjoy!

Via [AT&T]

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