iPad Mini Waiting Period Drops to Just One Week in US Before X-Mas

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As powerful and good-looking they all are, Apple’s iDevices always have one major downside – they’re hard to procure, especially but not limited to the first few weeks after their releases. We’ve seen the recently launched iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Mini all backordered at some point or another, but as we’re nearing Christmas the problem seems to be oddly vanishing.

iPad Mini’s waiting period in the States for instance has just dropped a couple of days ago from two weeks to only one week. That’s still like two years in Apple fanatics’ time, but for regular earthlings it sounds pretty endurable.

Now, if you want Santa to stuff your special someone’s stocking with an iPad Mini, you still have to hurry up, but the good news is you can choose whatever model you fancy more – they’re all listed as shipping in a week. The prices haven’t budged unfortunately, so you’ll still have to cough up at least $329 (for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version), but if you ask us the little iPads that could are definitely worth it.

Via [Slashgear]

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