Nintendo Land Develops Phallic-Drawing Detection

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In a recent interview with Iwata AsksWii U Miiverse director Yoshiomi Kurisu and his staff discussed some of the new supplements to their system that they have been working on. On the subject of the ability to send drawings to friends through the Miiverse, one topic of interest came right up.

Penises, people just love drawing them, which is kind of a problem when children around the world are logging in and playing video games in Nintendo Land. Kurisu and his staff developed ‘penis-drawing detection software’ in two weeks and they’re feeling pretty confident about it.

An excerpt from said interview:

Iwata: I agree. The unique feature of the Miiverse is being able to send drawings, not just text. But since the advent of the internet, there have always been those who have used it for unsavory purposes.
Kurisu: Right, auto-detection of bad words is very simple.
Iwata: Yes, text messages may be easy to moderate; however, drawings are much more difficult.
Yuzawa: (laughs) I think I know where this is going.
Kurisu: Let us get this out of the way then. (laughs) We anticipated that some users would draw…
Kato: Can we even say the word?
Iwata: Go ahead. (laughs)
Kurisu: Ahem, uh. Some users would take to drawing penises.
Everyone: (laughs)
Kurisu: Well, it’s true. It seems to be more of a phenomenon found in the west.

Yeah, Westerners! Why blow our reputation like that? I don’t have a penchant for this stuff, nor does my friends and we don’t want to be involved in that generalization. Seriously though, come on. I’m sure there are resources on the internet for people who enjoy this past time, so why spill it into an all-ages terrain? How about, if you’re really good at drawing phallic imagery, keep it in your physical sketchbook and impress your human friends?

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