Soul Electronics Flash Mobs for Tim Tebow

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Consumer technology manufacturer Soul Electronics is no stranger to celebrity attention. Featuring spotlights on their website of various musicians and athlete endorsements, the Jacksonville-based company took their appreciation for NFL superstar Tim Tebow to the streets before his team, the New York Jets were to go head-to-head with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Tebow sports Souls.

A crew of more than 75 locals flashed mobbed outside the EverBank Field Stadium, blasting a Soul Electronics brand boom box and synchronized danced to a medley of classic celebration songs. (Seriously though, enough ‘Gangnam Style.’ It’s becoming more annoying than that Peter, Bjorn and John song with the whistling.)

Tebow, a Jacksonville native, is a collaborative partner and celebrity ambassador with the company and is currently working to develop his own line of headphone models. Soul Electronics has named the quarterback their “Official Sponsor of Greatness,” accompanied with a clever Twitter hashtag, #SOULofGreatness.


Check out the spectacle and be sure to spot the groups’ homage to that patented Tebow prayer pose:

Also in Soul Electronics news, follow their Facebook account to learn about their daily deals during their 12 Days of Soul-Mas, ending on December 18th.

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