One Kid Dead Every 3 Weeks from TV Tip-Overs

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“Because drama and tragedies should be on TV, not because of them,” says a new PSA from Safe Kids Worldwide. Quite hauntingly, one child in America dies every three weeks from a television tip-over and almost 13,000 more children are injured each year. It may seem a bit ridiculous but in our world of modern gadgetry, this is a major concern and should not be taken lightly.

TV tip-overs can happen when children open drawers on furniture with televisions on top, playing with friends or pets, or when reaching for something on the same surface as a TV like a remote control or a toy. If a TV is not secured to the wall via a mounting system or if it is placed unfastened atop a piece of furniture, it is a potential risk.

According to a research study called ‘A Report to the Nation on Home Safety: The Danger of TV Tip-Overs,’ 7 out of 10 children injured by tip-overs are five years or younger; the age group also accounting for nine of ten serious related injuries, namely head trauma. This cause of death in children has raised 31% over the last ten years.

“Every 45 minutes or less than the length of a Sesame Street episode, a child visits the ER because of a TV tipping over,” says Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide.

The organization recommends mounting flat-screen television sets to a wall as a prevention measure. Regarding old-school (CRT or cathode ray tube) TV sets, they recommend to place them securely on low-level furniture, where it is less likely to falls due to residual forces (like a kid bumping into it or reaching for a video game on the same platform.)

Safe Kids Worldwide says to ‘Check your TV’ to assess its stability of the device wherever it is in your home; and to ‘Secure your TV,’ usually by means of a wall-mount. This is the safest solution, having your television out of a child’s reach and secured properly to the side of a wall in your home.

It is a real shame to hear this news. Although I have no kids of my own, I believe in the safety and protection of all people, especially for those who cannot provide it for themselves. Especially since technology works in such a way that devices get smaller, more convenient and easier accessible, and that technological trends will never cease. Kids are our future, so please secure your televisions at home and together we can all make TV tip-overs go the way of the rabbit ears antenna.

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  • Young

    This is why i wall mount all my flat tvs 42 in or larger in the house. You can get some mounts under $25 on amazon and do it yourself. My kids are more important than my tv’s.

  • Matthew marchesano

    Exactly. For most people, I presume that the mere price and time involved with a flat screen tv mount is worth eons beyond than the risk involved with any potential horrors as such. We all know how curious kids can be and as grown-kids its on us to assert all situations that can be harmful to young inquisitors… Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you again. Be well.