Samsung ATIV S Now Available in Canada from Bell, Telus and Rogers

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Samsung’s ATIV S has had to go through a lot of hoops to reach the smartphone market, but now that the ball’s started rolling it shouldn’t be long until the Windows Phone 8 device will be available around the world.

Austria, Sweden and UK have all seen the ATIV S go on sale recently, and now it’s Canada’s turn. All three major carriers up North are offering the phone on 3-year contracts and unlocked, but quantities are limited all around, so you have to think and act fast.

Oddly, pricing differs from carrier to carrier, with Telus probably having the best deal on contract. The ATIV S is just $29 there with a three-year term, while Rogers has it for $79 and Bell for $99.95. Of course, paying less upfront doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be coming out the cheapest on the long-haul, so take a good look at the plans too.

As for no term prices, these are far more luxurious, with Bell and Rogers charging $600 and Telus a whopping $650.

Via [Mobile Syrup]

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