Solid Explorer Exits Beta, is Now Priced At $1.99

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Solid Explorer is one of the best file management apps for Android in my opinion. For many months, I have used this app to keep track of just about anything stored on my Nexus 7 that isn’t an app. It has been great having free access to Solid Explorer, but the developer has to make money. That’s why with the latest update to Solid Explorer, the beta label has been removed in favor of “trial.” If you download Solid Explorer today, you’ll have 14 days to try it out before you’ll have to purchase the Solid Explorer unlocker for $1.99.

The latest update to Solid Explorer brings supports for the multi-window feature on some of Samsung’s phones, subtitle support for streaming videos general bug fixes and more.

If you prefer your file managers to be free, you can check out Astro File Manager. The app recently got a big redesign that’s a lot more attractive than how it used to look. It’s also less confusing than before.

Google Play Link [Solid Explorer]

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