Facebook Users Wrongly Attribute Sandy Hook Elementary Statement to Morgan Freeman

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Shortly after last week’s tragedy that struck Sandy Hook Elementary, social networks began filling up with opinions regarding gun control and media coverage. Over on Facebook, a statement that was supposedly made by actor Morgan Freeman began quickly circulating. As many Facebook users began sharing the message, which condemned news outlets for focusing on the killer more than the victims, speculation began to form about whether Morgan Freeman truly said those words. It turns out, he didn’t. 

According to TheWrap, Morgan Freeman’s publicist told the website the statement was a hoax. A search is currently underway to find the individual that originally attributed the opinion to Morgan Freeman.

This isn’t the first, nor the last time something like this will happen. Sometimes, a Facebook user decides to use celebrity figures to spread their own message. That way, their message is more likely to go viral. Considering how iconic and recognizable Morgan Freeman’s narrative voice is, it’s easy for people to become captivated by what they think are his words.

Source [TheWrap]

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