Pandora Surveys Holiday Music Fans

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Proof that America loves X-mas music; I’m the weirdo.

Ey-aw, ey-aw! If you’re like me, you hate holiday music. Short of holiday music fans, there is not much in the world more irksome than holiday music. Each year, you’ll hear the classic catalog earlier than last and it never feels new or exciting for me; just ear-wormy, wiggling into our brains and manifesting as a repetitive unwanted slice of American culture, something unsavory like a fried Spam on mayonnaise sandwich. Go ahead, call me a grinch — you may be right.

Pandora music-streaming app is here to tell folks like me to stop complaining and to get used it. We’re outnumbered in a huge way. According to a survey that the company orchestrated, 90 % of women listen to holiday tunes during the season, versus 85% of men who do. That’s a huge portion of the population that around this time of year I’m trying to avoid! (I’m realizing how grinch-y that seems…)

Pandora arranged their findings in an attractive infographic, “Who’s Listening in a Winter Wonderland?,” posted above. Be sure to click and expand it open to reveal more fun, possibly interesting facts about music that celebrates the giving season.

Apparently, Pandora listeners have already enjoyed more than 2 billion holiday tracks since November. Three in four people prefer the ‘classics;’ Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole — you know, our grandparents’ music. (And nothing against the Rat Pack or other related artists, just no Christmas themes please.)

“Pandora is a huge destination for holiday listening… Christmas Radio is already our most popular genre station,” Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Flemming-Wood said. “In fact, we have 22 different holiday genre stations specifically curated to effortlessly ignite the holiday spirit for out more than 62 million active monthly listeners. Whatever our listeners are celebrating, we’ve got their music.”

After reading through Pandora’s statistics, it may be official — I’m a grinch who lacks holiday spirit. No ‘Jingle Bells’ or that McCartney synth-pop song, or ‘Frosty,’ that George Michael song or even worse – ‘Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer’–blah!

I’m not alone here though, am I?

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