Stella Artois’ ‘Holiday Carole’ App Celebrated Worldwide

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The world’s best-selling Belgian beer, Stella Artois, is helping you spread holiday cheer. Their creative ‘Holiday Carole’ app delivers a special holiday e-card video to your or a friend’s ‘home.’ Actress Alive Eve and her jazz ensemble will ‘deliver’ your message and croon a little, providing wintery holiday spirit to your recipient.

Enter a friend’s name and home address, along with a message or greeting and you’ll see Eve and her crew ‘driving’ through the destination’s neighborhood, utilizing Google Street View. It’s really quite impressive and entertaining to boot.

“Stella Artois was originally brewed as a holiday gift for the people of Leuven,” said Pablo Firpo, Global Marketing Director of the beer company. “With Holiday Carole, we have extended this gift to people the world over, using a rich mix of technology and creativity. This has proven to be an extraordinary holiday experience and we’re happy to see this message of cheer spreading around the globe.”

And around the world, she has already traveled. According to their results, Alive Eve has ‘visited’ six continents since the app rolled out, featuring attractive locations like the Vatican, the White House, Buckingham Palace and Death Valley, to name a few.

Super cute and innovative, I recommend checking this out. The Google Street View is really exciting to see through the jazz group’s Citroen DS windows, on their way to the receiver of said holiday cheer. When I ‘sent’ Eve to my house, it was interesting to see the bodega across the street and a group of bystanders nearby; one reading a ‘Philadelphia’ newspaper.

Released with the infographic shown above, the company provides a concise break-down, depicting the history of holiday greetings.

The only improvement that I could have foreseen Stella Artois doing to more effectively bring holiday cheer is by delivering a non-electronic pint to the desired addresses (although in that case, I know I’d be spreading holiday cheer like an infection on a knee-scrape!) Regardless, the beer company did a really cool job combining “reality and fantasy,” one of the top holiday campaigns this year, for sure. Check it out.

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