Google Play Begins Offering Daily Deals Through January 1

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Google is known for occasionally offering some fantastic deals in Google Play for special occasions. In the past, Google Play offered different apps everyday for $0.10 and $0.25. In the spirit of the holiday season, Google Play is going to have something free or discounted for all its users every day until January 1.

The first deal is a $35 discount from the Hotel Tonight app. Using the promo code Google35 will automatically apply the discount.

This promotion is going to be hit or miss for most people. This deal with Hotel Tonight only makes sense if you plan on booking a hotel. I personally would have liked to have an assortment of super cheap apps like before. However, if Google Play does present a deal that appeals to you,  expect to save a pretty penny.

Source [Google Play]

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  • rob

    I don’t see the gift for the 18th. Any suggestions?

    • Jeremy Hill

      Here’s a link to it.