Sting Tours With DPA d:facto Vocal Mic

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Sting uses d:facto microphone on his Back to Bass tour.

Last week, we wrote about Danish audio company, DPA’s new d:facto professional vocal mic. Dutch singer, Margot Giselle is promoting the product, commenting on how her singing voice sounds the most true-to-life through the d:facto than any other microphone she’s used in the past.

Today, the company is proud to announce that English vocalist Sting, as made famous by his band The Police and his proceeding solo career, is also using the d:facto microphone on his current Back to Bass European and Far East tour.

“Sting has ‘A’ and ‘B’ simultaneously touring systems, each containing two d:factor — on as the main microphone and one for backup,” states Howard Page, Sting’s front of house engineer via a DPA press release.

If the guy who wrote ‘Every Breath You Take’ is using these mics, they must be pretty good, huh? When I’m ready to upgrade my home recording system, I know that I’ll be looking towards DPA — if it’s good enough for Sting, it’s good enough for me.

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