ÜberConference Mobile Launches for iPhone and Android

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Firespotter Labs sets out to modernize telephone capabilities. Mingling smartphone features with antiquated landline phone services, the startup creates telephony apps for home use and professional use alike. Their new ÜberConference app, released for iPhone and Android platforms is their solution for conducting a modern conference call.

With the app, you need not wonder who is on the conference call anymore — ÜberConference very clearly displays each person who is logged into the call, as well as spotlighting who is speaking at any given moment. Click on someone’s picture and read up on their social media accounts, all the major ones are represented, including LinkedIn.

The packaged call features will truly provide control during your group call. Use the mute function to individually silence people on the call. Click the ‘hang up’ feature to disconnect someone from the call, or ‘earmuff’ a caller as they call it, to easily mute someone’s audio stream. Probably needless to say but the service will simultaneously dial the call to all recipients at the same time, when you begin the conference. A useful call recording feature is also available, in which ÜberConference will convert your conference call audio to a convenient mp3 file.

“These days we’re all on the go and people aren’t necessarily in an office when dialing into a teleconference,” said Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder of Firespotter Labs. “The necessity of calling from airports, coffee shops and the backseats of taxicabs makes it all the more critical that people be able to quickly access powerful call management features such as adding people to the call on the fly, muting, earmuffs or turning call recording on and off with the touch of a button.”

“ÜberConference brings conference calling out of the dark ages and gives people the ease and convenience we’ve all come to expect from our favorite apps,” concludes Walker.

This seems like a must-have app for any startup or established company alike. The basic service is free and definitely worth checking out. It should completely solve all of your conference call issues.

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